8 Responses to “Atlas Got Skunked”

  1. German Chocolate Betty


    My brother’s dog never did learn its lesson — it kept going back for more again, and again, and again. My brother had to chase the skunk away, ’cause the dog was tooooo dumb (pre-dog-shaming days!).

  2. Taviann

    My black lab mix has been skunked 7 times in 3 years. She just can’t resist chasing those strange kitties!

  3. Elle

    My guy got skunked at midnight. We didn’t have any de-skunking recipes. We used the good ole Arm & Hammer baking soda and shampoo. It worked, the baking soda absorbed most of the spray. In the morningg he got the full bath with a de-skunker shampoo. He too was very proud of almost catching a skunk, me not so much.

  4. Taviann

    I can’t remember the proportions but the de-skunking mix we used was baking soda, peroxide and Dawn dish soap. It worked pretty good, especially followed by Petco’s de-skunking treatment usually the next day.

  5. stella

    When your dog gets skunked, try to only wash the parts that got sprayed. If you get the whole dog wet, you risk spreading the smelly skunky oils over the parts that were not already stinky.


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