9 Responses to “Bocephus, the Lap Dog”

  1. Nicole

    all rotties think they’re lap dogs. my friends 100# rottie sits in my lap everytime I’m at their house… EVERYTIME!!! lol sweet baby dog!

  2. Peggy

    OMG!! That is priceless. What a great shot. LOL!!! And poor Grandpa, but love the Rottie!

  3. Vanessa

    I love the fact that someone HAD to snap the photo before helping him up! LOL

    • Leslin

      Well, that picture is like the opportunity of a lifetime.. just cant be missed! 😀 😉 I’m guessing i’d run for the camera too before helping him up 😛

  4. AMickey1126

    Just want to say that I loooooove the name! I had a cat named Bocephus that lived to be 20. I’ve never heard of anyone else ever naming a pet Bocephus. I wonder if you’re Hank Williams Jr. fans…?

  5. Brenda Woodruff

    You gotta LOVE Rotties! They are so gentle and truly believe they should be right there in your lap! :). I miss our Rottie, Hans, SOOO much! Great dogs!!!

  6. Renee pouvreau

    It is such a Rottie thing! Our boy Beauregard sits in my lap when I am on the sofa and climbs into my lap when I am sitting in my desk chair. He is still a pup at 80lbs but he thinks he is a tiny baby. He plays with the small dogs and puppies at the dog park because he thinks he is their size. Rottweilers have a very bad rap, they are big squishy babies!


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