9 Responses to “Caught Blue-Pawed”

  1. AMB

    I had that couch and a similar problem (except I sat on the pen). I found that leather cleaner did a good job with most of it and the rest I removed with a magic eraser. It cleaned the crinkles in the leather without harming the material itself.

  2. Rachel

    lol…oh no. Poor baby. It just got out of hand. She didn’t expect to get ink everywhere! Zora is soooo sorry! 🙂

  3. Frannie

    Obviously, Zora missed you and wanted to write you a letter! Paper, sofa, whatever!! (She’s adorable!!)

  4. JS

    You can also take normal table salt and a dry soft cloth – rubbing it gently on the leather will remove the ink – i used to work for a guy that owned a leather company – he swears it will work


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