7 Responses to “Coco”

  1. Laura

    Awwweeee didn’t mean to Mama. I had a pup chew the cords to my printer, wifi and computer. More than once, no matter how I tucked them behind the boxed table!

  2. Jim

    So cute, looks just like my pup. My friend uses a Tabasco and water mixture sprayed onto a paper towel and rubbed onto cords to deter his pets. I imagine straight jalapeno would work too.

    • RuthT

      I had a lab mix that we tried that with, no success. We tried the over the counter stuff, jalapenos, tabassco, everything we could think of to stop her from chewing nothing worked. She finally outgrew the chewing stage.

  3. Julie

    Awww!!!! Poor baby!!!! I want to hug her : ) Granted, if she were mine, and that was my cable cord, I might not be so loving right away : )


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