5 Responses to “Coffee Addict”

  1. Chome262

    No worries, it takes a lot of coffee before it becomes a problem. Its similar to chocolate, the lethal does is usually and ounce of dark chocolate per pound of dog. Not sure what it is for Caffeine but I am sure the small amount at the bottom of a cup isn’t a problem. So, while not a good habit for your dog, its nothing to panic about, for the occasional theft. Lots of info about it online.

  2. Tad

    I had no idea coffee was toxic. My border collie LOVED coffee grounds. I didn’t allow her to have it, and she’s since stopped, but as a puppy she use to rip the trash apart for it. Maybe if I shamed her earlier she would’ve stopped sooner.

  3. Janet C

    Cutie pie needs a chew toy to play with. I would want to carry this dog around with me everywhere. Not to Starbucks though ……………maybe to the ice cream shop

  4. Karin

    When I was a kid, we gave my German Shepard cold coffee, cream and sugar all the time. She lived to 13 yrs.


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