10 Responses to “Downward Dog”

  1. Kristen

    Aw…. that is too cute! I do downward dog with my puppy all the time and have had some near misses myself. Puppy needs some love and reassurance. Sorry about the nose.

  2. Lovanne

    My late dog’s puppy stayed with us one summer when he was six months old, little Bassie. While we were playing in the park he caught sight of an Indian gentleman doing yoga on a blanket on the grass. When the man did the peeing dog little Bassie could no longer contain himself, but stuck his wet and no doubt cold nose up the man’s butt … You can imagine how fast the man jumped up and began shaking his fist and cursing in some very expressive language – we fled the park, utterly ashamed!

  3. heather

    poor nose and poor confused doggy, he looks very apologetic! my three year old labrador does the same to me… it makes me collapse laughing every time! xxx


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