6 Responses to “First impressions”

  1. Leanna

    Awwww. My wiener puppy ate soon many shoes! But he can do no wrong. I started to leave my shoes on the table, hallway bannister, you name it…. Anything to save a shoe! He’s grown up now and just ate te corner of our foot stool! Lol.

  2. Urnie

    Anything on the floor belongs to the puppy……… he only needed three days to show you the right behavior, lol!

  3. Stitch

    When I was that little(10 yrs ago) I started eating my way out of shoes too! I discovered my love for leather! Now I’m a grown up Doxie and I will do ANYTHING to steal a flip flop, well leather ones anyway, even if it takes days to poop out the straps and I have to go see my dr.! I even lay on them first, it’s how I ask permission!


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