5 Responses to “Food begging drama queen.”

  1. Jessica

    LOL looks just like my schnauzer, she is 8 but you would swear we never feed her they way she sits and watches us eat hoping for a tidbit.

  2. Ferne Harasimiw

    You have to try. Very good acting. You deserve a treat for that.

  3. Tiffany

    I think all female schnauzers must be drama queens based on what all their owners say. But they make super cute beggars!

  4. Sarah

    I also have a schnauzer named Chloe! She always gobbles up her meals then runs over to her brother and sister and stare them down while they eat at a normal pace, hoping they might wander away and she can steal a few bites. Naughty food thief!


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