13 Responses to “Holly the creepster”

  1. Julia Hall Poore

    give him a shower with you that might be what he wants ….lol.i had a friend her dog like to watch her undress she said it made her feel like he was reincarnated by a peeping tom i called him the peeping dog lol

  2. Stephanie

    My little cavalier watches me when I take a bath. He just stands there, feet on the side of the tub. It’s very weird, but he makes up with it by looking so cute :0)

  3. Linda

    All of my animals have watched me take a bath. But the dogs watch the shower as well. I wonder what they think?

  4. Karen

    Ah yes my rescue boy had the same habit for the first year! Now he knows theres only 1 door in and out of the room so he watches from the comfort of lying on my bed! Its all of 10ft away now, but oh so much more comfy & elevated.

  5. Jen

    Yeah. I think they just watch to be sure we aren’t sneaking out some unknown door.
    But I had a few chihuahuas that licked the water off my feet and calves when I got out.

  6. Frannie

    My dog watches me in the shower and bath too! She will actually nose aside the shower curtain to stare. I think she doesn’t understand why I let this happen to me! (and she likes to lick the drops off the side of the tub).

  7. Julie

    I have a dachshund that tries very hard to watch me take a bath. I think it’s creepy/funny!


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