10 Responses to “I ate the couch cushion”

  1. Aimee Lorraine

    Oh my, I think she’s trying to suppress a grin. lol. She’s cute enough to get away with it, you can always turn the cushion over.

  2. Susan Bechhoefer

    Every day I come here and look at these shameless dog and their naughty misadventures…then I turn and thank my three dogs for being such good boys <3

  3. liz

    How could ANYONE get mad at that face? Look at the little tic-tac shaped eyebrows….and that half smile, like “yeah, so what. I ate the couch cushion. There’s another one there.” Too cute.

  4. Janet C

    Get the sewing box out and tuck the stuffing back inside and sew up the hole. It will be fine and just flip it over and have a seat with this cutie pie. No way you can stay mad at this adorable dog. Nothing this dog could do that you can stay angry about for long.


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