7 Responses to “I poop at Petco!”

  1. Pat

    Our Lady always has to pee in PetSmart she tries to match other dogs marker for marker, even if she has to lift a leg to do it

  2. Rave

    I worked at a Petco and you would not believe the amount of dogs that pooped on the floor. I really hope the owner of this cutie makes use of the cleanup stations in the store to clean up after him and doesn’t just leave it for the employees to clean up.

  3. Bridget

    I could not stay mad at that adorable face. We can’t go directly into Petsmart from the car – Aubrey has to go to the grassy area next door to do her thing – even if she’s been at the dog park for over an hour and you would swear there couldn’t be anything left…..otherwise, poop-ho in the store.

  4. Nicole

    Our beagle has pee-ed in Petsmart before, so now my husband keeps a close eye on him…

  5. Lauren

    My bichon gets so excited that he poops at Petsmart. I’m always eyeing the closest clean up stations when we get into the store… I know what’s coming. LOL


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