16 Responses to “I pooped on the laptop!”

    • C TUNA

      He looks like a Chinese Crested – we have one with a Furry Head, Feets & Tail … and the would certainly do something like that – HA! Luv It

  1. Jill

    Win. Whatd his story? He’s adorable. What kind of lovely are his parents?

  2. Pam

    My dog hates that laptop, the book you’re trying to read, the tv, your knitting….basicly anything that is taking attention away from him

  3. Joss

    sooooo cute!!! can’t get enough of those ears!! i would say he’s an Iggy (Italian Greyhound), or potentially just a greyhound puppy. my Iggy did a wee in my shoe last week so i guess i should consider myself lucky my laptop was spared!

  4. sallybr

    and thanks to this post, I spilled hot tea on MY laptop!

    Priceless, absolutely priceless… he does look very proud of himself, the ears tell it all… 😉

  5. chloe'smom

    He looks alot like my dog..she is an Italian greyhound/Chihuahua/Dachshound mix

  6. Iggy mom

    Gorgeous Italian Greyhound pup! He looks so proud of the gift he left for his parents!


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