6 Responses to “I ruin people’s work breaks”

  1. Okie Amazon

    Sounds like MOM should have taken her break to take you outside!

    • Rachel

      Dear Okie, Sounds like you have the most perfectly behaved dog. Lucky you! Most of us, however, don’t. My dog has refused to use the bathroom when taken outside & waited until we got back inside to go. It happens…
      Also, this site is for entertainment, not criticism. Thanks!

  2. Amanda McCracken

    Lol! Why is it that when they do go inside its never a little one? It’s always a huge pile! Poor sweetie. He does look ashamed. 🙂

  3. KrisB

    One of the sweetest dog faces ever! He just did what came naturally…

  4. wendy klock-johnson

    The sad truth is that no matter what size it was when it is inside it appears WAY bigger than it actually was. =)


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