9 Responses to “Ima bites!”

  1. Ruth

    Try Cesar Milan to become alpha dog. Max thought he was alpha over me and would display aggressive behavior.

  2. DogMom

    DO NOT use Ceasar Millan’s methods. They are aggressive, cruel, and dangerous. Positive reinforcement and behavioral modification – and, hopefully working with a trained professional (which Millan is not) – has proven to be most effective – and will strengthen your relationship with your pup.

  3. Meredith

    Thanks for your comment DogMom, I was just getting ready to reply with something similar! Positive reinforcement goes a long way! Most dogs are food motivated, just find a super tasty special treat to give when you have company coming over, and the dog will eventually associate company with that treat! Good luck!

  4. Stressfactor

    Also, could be a lack of socialization among people as well. In addition to the training some work with socializing Ima among people would probably do well. Especially because Ima is TOO CUTE! She deserves to be shared with the world!

  5. Karen

    I actually prefer methods by Victoria Stilwell from that show “it’s me or the dog”. I’m just more comfortable using her methods vs Millans since it seems less…. rough(?). And I’ve had good outcomes using Stilwell’s methods. 🙂

  6. Michelle

    I have a dog like that…you know that bites but the thing is when I take her outside of my home she is different, doesn’t bite or act aggressive it’s like she is defending me and her territory. She is the sweetest dog but she bites. Maybe you can try taking your dog on visits because once she she makes friends perhaps she will keep them, at least, it worked for my dog.

  7. DogMom

    Karen, I totally agree! I really like and respect Victoria Stilwell too. I wish her show were still on.


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