7 Responses to “Litter Bandit”

  1. Erin McKaharay

    Never met a dog who doesn’t love cat poop! Kitty caviar. Blech!

    • Jackie

      Until Dog-Shaming, I thought my dog was the only one who feasted on such delicacies. We have the boxes in the basement, close off the basement with a kitty door or baby gate and he still manages to sneak down there.

  2. Annie

    With a face that cute, I can forgive any and all litter box transgressions!

  3. Gerri

    I have my litter box hidden behind the dog food bin and the sidewalk salt container , in a corner and Levi still gets to it! They just LOVE it!

  4. Kathy

    We call it the doggie buffet! Both of my dogs love to graze in the buffet.


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