8 Responses to “Look mom, I made fleece Swiss cheese”

  1. Ginabina

    My Henry does the same thing!! We have nothing but blankets with holes! He knows he’s not supposed to chew them but he can’t seem to resist them!! My expensive comforter stays in my closet and hasn’t been used yet.

  2. J Nielsen

    I see so many things on this site that make me think, “I can’t believe the people let the dogs get away with that!” But I agree, having holes in blankets is well worth seeing that nose poking through! Go Cooper!

  3. Ferne Harasimiw

    What a thoughtful friend. It’s too dense, it didn’t breathe. You would have sweated. You’ll be more comfortable now. Lol

  4. Marci Liroff

    My Tessa does this, she suckles her blankets, doesn’t chew through though. And ONLY her dog blankets, never my clothes or anything that isn’t hers. She does, however, steal food off the counter. Counter-surfer.

  5. Fernblossom

    My Fern does this too! She also runs through the house with them like super woman. I have chosen to look at the positive of this behavior……She is cleaning my wood floors when they are trailing behind her. So I just pick them up and throw them in the washer every week !!


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