11 Responses to “Mizzy’s $5,000 Shame”

  1. Bev McM

    Dogs can be as bad as a two year old child…you need eyes in the back of your head! Years from now you will look back at this and laugh…right now I’m sure the $5000 stings…a lot!!!

  2. Andrea

    Is Mizzy a Tibbie? She’s adorable, and sounds just like something a Tibbie would do!

  3. Weim Mom

    i also thought the $800 peach pit my weim ate was a lot. . .I am rethinking that!! Glad to see other people have these lil stinkers!! P.S. It’s a good thing they are so adorable that we love them through anything!

  4. Diane

    My new lab/pit mix ate the plastic bag from a 5 lb bag of potatoes, left the potatoes for the most part but gnawed a few. $500 later I still love her but I am very careful with everything

  5. Wendy

    Uh-oh! My two cavalier king charles spaniels spend a ton of time outside, and they’re *always* eating sticks and rocks and so on! I think I’d better start watching them more closely…

  6. Jessica Manes

    She looks so much like my Gizmo. He is a peekapom and eats everything. We cant buy toys with stuffing anymore because he eats all the stuffing. I also have to the hair that I take of the brush when grooming him because he eats it too.


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