7 Responses to “Mouse lover”

  1. Pinta's People

    ROFL I know the type. Our girl has her own herd of wild cotton tails proliferating in the yard! And has been know to be pushed around by squirrels and baby kittens. Yes our cattle dog is a peacenik also.

  2. TgeEmpress

    My boxer watched a little mouse scurry by, turned her head and looked at me like, “mom, aren’t you going to do something about that?” Sigh. Such a protector.

  3. Mouse

    I’m sorry but her bed looked so comfy and she didn’t seem to mind my small accidents :/

  4. Suzanne

    My dad had a cat who was a ferociously good hunter outdoors, but when a chipmunk managed to move into the house surreptitiously, it ceased to be prey. One night my dad found the chipmunk sleeping in the cat’s dry food bowl…


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