11 Responses to “Not your average Death Eater”

  1. Shawn

    This is funny because I am now listening to Goblet of Fire on cd….I agree with Amy about the ears….could he be part house elf????

  2. Sami

    What breed of dog is this?! He/She looks JUST like a dog we adopted last summer and we have no idea the breeds he’s a mix of! Same black coat and same GIANT ears!! What a lovely lovely little Death Eater ^_^

    • Jess

      He’s a german shepherd/pit bull mix, and his name is Ranger. 🙂 (I posted the original photo.)

  3. Erin

    OMG! This pup looks exactly like mine! Dying to know the mix – I know mine is a pit mix and I hope he never grows into his ears.


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