6 Responses to “One Step A-Head”

  1. Diane Bramos

    My beagle is very good (most of the time – if she isn’t, it’s because I left something for her to get into) without a crate. My puggle has a crate…

  2. Corgi's Rock

    Yes he does look embarrassed, ashamed and cute. Looks like he got himself in a pickle. Aw, he still a pup at 11years old.

  3. Leslin

    Well, who can we complain to.. 🙁 I still miss my pom girl so much to this day.. she was more like my little sister than a dog to me.. my growing up companion… left me so shattered when she left me so unexpectedly.. makes me cry to this day thinking about her..

  4. Beth

    We have that exact same kennel in red for our black lab mix, she’s naughty when left alone too. She’s in her kennel when we’re gone. Reminds me so much of my Scooter girl!


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