8 Responses to “Pay attention to ME!”

  1. ae

    My Lab would always come up to me, look at my laptop, and then try to push it off my lap. If that didn’t work, he would just climb on top of it.

  2. Rowan Celeste (@rowan_celeste)

    My Shiba was very cat like. He wasn’t really into being petted most of the time, but whenever I was on the computer, trying to do some work or surf the web, inevitably that would be when he wanted attention. Had to be shown or feel he was always the #1 priority! ;D

  3. Stephanie

    Is that a Dapple dachshund? I have one that nudges my hand when I am on my laptop. Or she will stick her face in front of the screen so I can’t see if the nudging doesn’t work.

  4. c reeves

    My standard schnauzer mix will go under my work desk, push against my legs & chair to move me away from desk so he can have some Mom & Me time.


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