10 Responses to “Scary Farts”

  1. beachcomber

    too funny! When my dog farts he turns around really fast to catch a look at him bum. I think he expects a gremlin to running out.

  2. Gms

    She’s so cute!! That is too funny! I’ve heard if scared of your own shadow but a fart??? lol!!

  3. DogMom

    What a face! She is adorable and delicious! I just want to munch on her!

  4. Mary-Alice

    She is just too cute. That little cutie couldn’t possibly fart that loud.

  5. Barb

    so cute, reminds me of my little bichon, when he farts, he sniffs me like I was the one who did it, love him!!! forgive him because he is my little special guy

  6. Veeti

    Bijon? Once mines was sleeping between my legs, head on tummy. I farted, he shot up and smelt his own butt. Priceless…


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