13 Responses to “Shameless beggar”

    • Pedalon

      How cute. My girl rests her chin on my leg and gives me the puppy dog eyes when it’s dinner time. She’s so darn cute I just gotta feed her!

  1. J G

    omg…..that face…I cannot stop laughing…….she is like…..hey….is it time yet….what about now?? now?? ok what about now??? you feeding me now??? lol

  2. Susan Bechhoefer

    Shameless beggar??!! She’s just a friend in need…a concerned citizen…wants you to watch your waistline maybe…but beggar?? Well, maybe 😀

  3. Hailey

    Nearly spit out my smoothie laughing when I saw this! Another namesake foodie!! Too cute.

  4. Bobbina

    Actually, I think that’s rather polite. Perhaps she can give some etiquette lessons to my pups. They are much more obnoxious about meal time!

  5. marcia hootman

    My female boxer Stevie would do that if she wanted, food, comfort, walk, outside, affection…anything. And, of course, I complied. Love Haley’s face

  6. Superfran

    Oh this is too cute, my dog does something similar. It’s like, come on now… You know you don’t want to finish that.


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