17 Responses to “Snow Day Problems in the Dog World”

  1. Jennifer H.

    But that’s not going to help a cold butt when he’s dropping his load!

  2. Deb Harrison

    We had to shovel poop spots a few years ago during a blizzard!

  3. bj

    What a cutie! First – thanks for saving this wonderful creature of God! Second – thanks for saving this wonderful creature of God!!

      • biochemphd2

        I completely agree with Bj…thank you for saving him! So so worth it!

        His gratitude was not pooping in the house – hence the ‘poop strike’. Its Ok Louie…..the cold does take getting used to. I make paths for my girls and that helps.

  4. Sassafras

    My brother throws down a shower curtain so the dog has a dry place to poop and pee! Otherwise tinky will poo on floor.

  5. Stitch

    I’m with you Louie! Those people are crazy! I live in Florida and I don’t even go out in the rain(even tho I swim almost daily!) THANK YOU FOR SAVING SWEET LOUIE! That cold is brutal tho!

  6. Patricia

    Thanks for all your sweet comments!! Louie has enriched our lives so much – we should really thank him for saving us!! – Louie´s “mom”


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