6 Responses to “The face of an angel”

  1. Michelle Ezell

    Look at that face! So sweet! How could you ever be mad at that? 🙂

  2. Jakey's mum

    This is my “bagel” — basset / beagle mix — and I’m sooo excited he made it onto dogshaming!!

    PS I got him from the Ontario Basset Hound Rescue (that I now volunteer for) in 2009 and he’s awesome!! He came to me friendly (looooves people and dogs; ALL of them) and house-trained. Bassets are the best!! I highly recommend adopting one from your local rescue!!

  3. Laura Amend

    He is SO CUTE!!! You are so fortunate to be his forever mum. Sorry about the papers, though! 🙂

  4. Nay

    Hello ladies and paper eater! I have two beagle boys and they are a delightful mixture of mischievousness, high spirits, loving sookiness and stubborn maleness. One adores the toilet roll centre and thinks I’ve given him a gift from heaven so I can identify with this cutie.


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