17 Responses to “Toni licks everything”

  1. Joy

    Totally adorable! Licking seems to be a poodle trait, mine can lick something for what seems like hours. Often it is her brother’s eyes!

  2. Karen A Hitt

    My doxie, Henry, spent his days licking my floors…ceramic tile. Psychotic but cute. We cleaned the floors with a non-toxic cleaner. Henry passed away last week, so give your cute little Toni a hug from me.

  3. DogMom

    So sorry about Henry, Karen. May he rest in peace and may you remember him only with joy and smiles.

  4. Bobbina

    OMG! I love her hair. She’s doing her best imitation of Don King disguised as a dog!

  5. Lp

    Omg – so, so cute! I have a licker too. His most favorite lollipops are feet!

  6. Toni

    OMG This dog is so freaking cute and I can’t believe she has the same name as me! I have a licker, he likes feet and legs – and if you are really lucky (not) when he is licking your face, he will accidentally get you in the eye, do you know how painful it is to get a licked eye?

    • AmyB

      It must be a rattie trait. Mine licks EVERYTHING. Incessantly. Including the sheets! He and Toni would be BFFs.

  7. RuthT

    I think Toni is adorable. He reminds me of a black poodle we had growing up. His name was Boo. Poodles are just adorable without the fussy haircuts. Looks like Toni has the puppy cut.

  8. Karen

    Aww.. my Zoey’s a bit of a licker too. LOL And… I don’t see any “problem” with the hair…. He seems very well taken care of and is healthy. Isn’t that what’s most important? Besides… I think he sort of looks like he’s wearing a wig. LOL


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