9 Responses to “Too cold outside”

  1. Ferne Harasimiw

    Oh, very, very smart. If you can’t join them, beat them at their own game. Good pup. Lol. Whose picture should be here? Not yours. Lol

  2. Stephanie

    Just like my doxies! My little Frankie will shiver her little brains out when its cloudy, even if it is like 60 degrees! Once she gets outside – she realizes its not cold at all! Dachshunds are so full of drama!! Gotta love it!

  3. Melanie

    my doxie mix does the same thing. her rat terrier/jack russell terrier sister loves being outside no matter what the weather, but the little doxie princess doesn’t like cold or rain, or wind or anything but perfect weather.

  4. Electra

    I agree with Stephanie, Daschunds are so full of drama ; Mine hates rain. She turns around the minute she sees the bad weather and if we go outside and it starts raining, she asks to be picked up !

  5. Harvey Schwelke

    Lol, nothing more terrible to a doxie than a wet tummy. Our pup still “stalls out” on the sidewalk 3 or 4 times in wet weather.


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