9 Responses to “Toothy Jerk”

  1. Janet Lazor

    See how much she loves and wanted you . . she knew you were close and definitely wanted to be near you, so you can’t blame her. Don’t replace the door — long after she is gone, it will remind you of her love for you!! Take care and love your dog regardless of her behavior!!

      • bchicago

        Claudette, I agree! I love seeing my dog’s scratches on my Dad’s door (RIP, pretty girl). And it was very hard to paint over her marks on my walls. Janet, you’re a sweetheart!

  2. Sassafras

    I would chew through the door for you too………….there is no end to devotion!

  3. Glem

    We have an old wooden slider rocker that our beloved Tara used as her chew toy when she was teething. As a piece of furniture, I’m not crazy about it. As a memento and reminder of her, I will keep it forever.

  4. Leanna

    Awwww. We put our three wieners in the kitchen area when we are gone. Came home one night and they had chewed around the borders…… Lol


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