4 Responses to “Toy Thief”

  1. Dawn S

    This is very funny! Will the little thief get to keep the stolen cars once restitution is paid? Seems to me they’re really high on this pup’s list of ‘must haves’!

  2. Dory Forman

    At least its your daughter’s toys! We have a lab that used to take herself for a walk camping and once came home with a random kids toy.

    • Katelyn

      Haha!! We had a lab once long ago. We lived way out in the country, so the dogs roamed. There was construction on a house about half mile away from our house. Henry, the lab, started stealing the workers’ lunches on a daily basis. Bad Henry!

  3. Laura

    Has anyone else noticed that dashounds appear a lot on here. Naughty breed?????


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