5 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Big Biscuit”

  1. Jakey's mum

    Rescued bassets are the BEST!! I adopted my Jakey (who is awesome, adorable, snuggly and was even featured on dogshaming last month) from the Ontario Basset rescue and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE him.

    I hope somebody gives this cutie a WONDERFUL home soon!

  2. Hound Lover

    I looked at your post on the rescue site, you are much more handsome in that picture, although I realize as a hound you find it necessary to look sad when you’ve wronged someone. LOL Hounds are the best, I am sure you will find a good home!

  3. Sassafras

    He loves your bed then he could love another bed with 2 hoomans and a bitchy feline? As I am typing this the feline is clawing the doors into shreds of wood.

  4. Moenique

    The Biscuit Fund story on the Angels of Assisi website truly touched my heart – may God bless you all for the work you’re doing to help these beautiful creatures!


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