26 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Pippa, Presto and Poe”

  1. llseattle

    People make me sick. Thank God these babies have a second chance to find a loving forever home.

  2. Katie

    Aww! Sad start to life, but a good outcome! Here they are from left to right just by looking at them: reserved, happy-go-lucky, mischief maker.

  3. Leslin

    awwww what absolute sweethearts.. so glad they were rescued and are on their way to being adopted.

  4. jjam714

    The one on the far left looks like my adopted pup that was also found in a dumpster! Thankful for those that rescued and took care of them! They’re beautiful!

  5. Ally B

    OMG They are all super cute but the one in the Middles smile is just to cute to handle right now!!! Hope these sweet babies find a wonderfule forever home and never stop smiling!!

  6. Stressfactor

    “I want the cute!”
    “You can’t handle the cute!”

    These three are just too adorbs! Good luck on getting good homes puppies!

  7. Dee

    Just adorable. Pitties get such a bad rap from the uninformed and sometimes ignorant. Pittiies that are trained correctly are wonderful dogs. It’s the owners who use them for dog fights, abuse them and use them as bait should be the ones put in the dumpsters….not the dogs. Actually they are criminals and should be punished. Too many dogs have had to be put down due to horrible owners.

  8. Andrea

    The one on the right is giving the “shifty eyes.” He’s up to something!!! They are precious. (love the names)

  9. Pittie Mom

    Perfect pittie smile on Kibble pup, me three looks like quite the sophisticate and me two with that expression in her eyes says this girl knows how to have fun. They are all just so adorable. How lucky are we that they are here and healthy. As Zack mentioned, hopefully we’ll get to hear about their going home to their forever families. Good luck, good energy Pups.

    • Julie Schmitt

      We (foster parents) adopted Poe (Me Three!) on 6/21. Pesto (Will sit for Kibble) was adopted on 6/25 and Pippa (Me Too!) went to her forever home on 6/26.

  10. Pittie Mom

    My bad. I didn’t see their names in the header – sorry Pippa, Presto and Poe.

  11. Jane Acosta

    I am soooo happy to know they have their forever homes. What a trio of sweet!!!!!


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