10 Responses to “Bad Loki”

  1. Grumpy

    Poor boy wanted to be minty fresh for kisses!

    So you name your dog after the Norse God of Mischief and you’re surprised when something like this happens?

    • Patti Lundgren

      Grumpy, yeah, the Norse God of Mischief! I just crossed Loki off my list of potential names for my future pets. Why go asking for trouble? 🙂

  2. Brenda

    We all sometimes fail to close doors. You might try storing your toothpaste in a metal lunchbox. I would never have dreamed he would have eaten toothpaste but I store all medications in a lunchbox so my naughty boy can’t get to those. A baby lock on a cabinet might also be helpful.

  3. Amanda

    My little black kitten is also named Loki! He’s mischievous too but so far the only thing he’s tried to eat other than his kitten chow is human food (from my plate of course).


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