15 Responses to “Banned from doggie daycare”

  1. Nicole

    I sympathize with you. My girl Josephine just got banned from doggie day camp for being a bad camper, too. Almost 7 months without incident and then one hyper labradoodle just rubbed her the wrong way!

  2. Nikki

    This made me laugh (although hopefully Lady doesn’t seek un-funny revenge while home alone!). Glad Compass still gets to go have exercise and socialization when you aren’t able to provide it! I do the same for my fur baby and it makes a huge (positive) difference in his behaviour!

  3. Jackie

    LOL! My doggie has been in ‘time out’ at doggie day care before. And was once suspended for a week. I take him once a week to burn off steam but he gets SO excited and sometime his energy is misundertood by his furry friends. Maybe he needs a place that is smaller (the first place we went had almost double the number of dogs). I am sure he meant well 🙂 Glad your other dog is able to keep going. The socialization is so good for them!

  4. rattriffic

    at least your dog is not refered to as the humpalotamus!! My corgi pup is a favorite at the doggie daycare because he is a complete and total clown, and evidently he gets really excited when all the other boys are around him……I think he needs a rainbow leash:-)

    • Jakey's mum

      My (neutered) make basset is the same!! He is apparently the worlds most humpable dog — at doggy day care, at the park, everywhere!

      Oddly enough, he pretty much always gets humped by older, fixed-when-they-were-less-than-a-year-old *girl* dogs who’ve never humped any dog in their entire life. One look at Jakey and they’re all over him!

      (It’s actually pretty funny and I’ve adopted the attitude that if it doesn’t bother *him* it doesn’t bother me).

  5. snowcatmacdobhran

    One of my hooligans is banned from overnights and the last time they were there the other hooligan was a snark monster. They are on a timeout from dacyare.

  6. Jakey's mum

    My basset was ALMOST expelled from dog school – Basic Obeidence for Adult Dogs with no previous experience – on a weekly basis. He wasn’t “keeping up with his classmates”. That was true… but if he came from 40 ft away when I called his name without a cookie, we WOULD NOT NEED BASIC OBEDIENCE FOR ADULT DOGS LESSONS!! Not that I’m butter 🙂

  7. Jenny

    It was the other dog’s fault. Poor baby. Time out stinks. My weim was kicked out, too. And she said it was the other dog’s fault, so that must work in this situation too

  8. Bev McM

    Oh, I think that she knows that she has done wrong…just look at that guilty look!!!


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