12 Responses to “Begging for food upside down”

  1. Stan

    I’m a poor starving pup! It’s been at least 73 min since mommy fed me breakfast!! I neeeeed more food!


      Dogs are a constant processing source.
      Intake, process, final product !

  2. Adrienne

    I want to find the manual they use for getting their way with us! Wally is in graduate school, I’m just sure.

  3. Delilah

    I recently adopted a one year old male rescue dog that came from a hoarding situation and he needed to be house trained. Once he was fixed the marking slowed down, but I’ve been using peanut butter cheerios to train him to go outside. After about three days of this he now lifts his leg for about half a second, doesn’t pee then sits and waits for a cheerio. Dogs are very smart (especially when it comes to food)! It is so cute and funny. Your dog is adorable by the way.


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