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    • lorraine fallis

      Aww That name Walter suits him to a T, He has the face of a little angel. You are so beautiful Walter….and I really hope that you overcome your little fear baby. I’m sure your mum and dad don’t mind a little poop here and there 🙂 I know I wouldn’t. Good luck Walter, just love your name it suits you soo much 🙂

  1. melissa Shepler

    my rottie doesn’t like his nails done either…….he has to be SEDATED and for the price of THAT I would rather have him poop on the table!!!!! LOL

  2. snowcatmacdobhran

    Hahahahaa … My pit is just as bad. He is a total delicate flower, and needed to be sedated as well to get his nails fixed. I took a year of constantly messing with his feet and toes to desensitize him and I can trim his nails with a regular nail clipper.

  3. Trixie

    He has the face of an angel. I hope he gets over his phobia. My baby didn’t like having her paws touched either but after almost two years she’d finally used to it. I’d rub her tummy with one hand and then gently touch her paws with the other. Nothing beats the power of a tummy rub!

  4. Lisa

    Hold a jar of meat baby food for him to lick while trimming. He will be so happy and less stress!

  5. stina

    Poor baby; my dog doesn’t like her nails clipped either. (And as a side note, a choke collar is not something that should be worn all the time. Too dangerous.)

  6. mvz76

    Poor, poor Walter! My doxie hates to have his nails trimmed, too. I had to buy him his own muzzle so I could have it handy for nail trims and other procedures. BTW….WHO needed the bath? Walter or the vet? LOL!!

  7. Helen

    Oh you have nothing on Ollie! Our poor dog is so terrified of nail clipping that when the vet and tec picked her up to put her up on the table she wiggled so violently that the vet almost dropped her (60+lbs). She peed, expressed her glans showering everyone! (Being the compassionate mother that I have always been I couldn’t stop laughing). Now when she gets her nails clipped they put her under! Fortunately for our budget she has nails that wear down easily.

    • boomchuckpixyniki

      “(Being the compassionate mother that I have always been I couldn’t stop laughing).”

      I like you. I’d do the same thing, I think.

      My girl’s not fond of having her nails done either, but just like getting her ears cleaned out, she knows I’m going to do it one way or another, making resistance pointless, so she surrenders like a big, black, furry martyr. I think it helps that I adopted her at two months old and started exposing her to situations like that ASAP. She’s still skittish about things for some reason, but she does trust me (usually). 🙂

  8. heymidnite@yahoo

    My 85lb German short hair has to be sedated when we have her nails clipped, she hates having her paws touch and cries/freaks out whenever someone does. She’s also terrified of thunder, rain, squirrels, plastic wrap (seriously) and the microwave (she runs out of the kitchen whenever we use it)

    • Pinta's People

      Haha heymidnite, she must be our stumpy’s sister! you have her down to a tee, except the microwave, for Pinta it’s cookie sheets! and add fly swatters! (and no have never once laid a swatter or hand toward her!)


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