10 Responses to “Carpet eating jerk”

  1. Grumpy

    maybe there was a tasty BBQ stain there and she just couldn’t help herself.

  2. DogMom

    I don’t know that he’s necessarily bored. Look at all the other toys in the picture. Maybe he just prefers rugs.

  3. laurakozin

    He’s adorable, (border collie?). He’s a puppy. It’s so worrisome that the owner calls him a jerk. You must expect a puppy, esp. a border, to need activity to occupy his mind. Whether you provide it or he comes up with it himself, this puppy is going to be busy. If you really think of him as a “jerk”, you will both be unhappy.

    • Dom

      You know what else will make them all unhappy? Raising a puppy without a sense of humor! Gosh! Lighten up. You’re a great dog-mom Sarah!

  4. sarah

    I am the owners dog, and it was a joke, my dog is sassy but my husband and I love her to death 🙂 She is an amazingly fun and crazy dog! She has now destroyed 2 carpets, she just loves them! And she is a red tri – Australian Shepherd.


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