23 Responses to “Cash off the counter!”

  1. Steve

    With a face like that? Never! The little guy lurking in the background looks shady though … 🙂

  2. Grumpy

    There’s enough left from the mauling to take to the bank and exchange them. The serial numbers are present as are the majority of the bills.

  3. Roxann

    That’s a classic. Reminds me of the time my guy ate a bag of raw, marinating chicken that he counter-surfed! I wish it had of been money instead; what a gross mess to clean up….


    They were planning on going to buy real treats at the store, but,

    all of a sudden, they heard the familiar sound of the “Ice Cream Man” coming down the road.

    The race was on, fighting over who was holding what bill and who was going to pay for it !

    Then they heard their dads car coming down the road, thought for a second and decided to high-tail it home instead.

    Everybody walked in the house at the same time, then the explaining started, Oh Boy !


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