9 Responses to “Cat-lover”

  1. Pinta's People

    Aww We think it’s just fine for everyone in a family to love one another!
    Besides our Pinta is protects her herd of wild cotton tails from the coyotos!

  2. Leslin

    awwwww that’s so sweet!!! My pomeraniand and my cat-both girls.. were best friends too!!

  3. Karen

    I love how the dog has his/her paw around the cat. True love and very sweet.

  4. Nikki

    I had a dog that adopted a stray cat….people would say, I didn’t know you had a cat told them I didn’t it was my dog’s cat. The dog. Was old and passed away, I kept the cat until he died….promised the dog I would 🙂


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