21 Responses to “Chicken Nugget Thief”

  1. mea culpa

    Ha!!! This is hilarious – I actually did laugh out loud! Wiley dog… guess s/he showed you…

  2. Andrea Blackmer

    we have to do that too! my dog ate a whole pizza and and chicken wings. Then she ate a whole corned beef and cabbage on another day and a carton of ice cream.

  3. leanna

    oh my gosh….this one made my day. The above are right though…So smart….deserves all the nuggets 🙂

  4. Regan

    A friends dog got into the fridge, took a large pizza to the bed, picked all of the mushrooms off and hid them under my friend’s pillow. The pizza box had fallen shut on it’s own, so my friend didn’t know the pizza was gone until she was ready for dinner. She didn’t discover the mushrooms until she went to bed. We crafted a refrigerator lock for her for her birthday using screws and paper clips.

  5. Christine

    That is just a smart dog! lol! Thank goodness my dog hasn’t figured out how to open the fridge!

  6. Liz

    Wow….my dog stole the crumb trays out of my toaster, and I thought he was brilliant. This pup beats him, paws down!!! How in the world……no one can tell me that dogs aren’t geniuses. LOL!!!

    • Romeo's Mommy

      Oh, PLEASE don’t teach my Romeo how to do this too…. you look like you could be siblings, but all he’s mastered so far is counter-surfing!

  7. Jean the dog walker

    I love this dog. He’s plotting his next heist as you are busy shaming him. Just look at that face! 🙂

  8. Jeni

    I actually laughed out loud too! It never occurred to me they could get in the fridge let alone the freezer! I love the pizza story too haha 🙂

  9. Kristi

    You ROCK! My dachshunds just lead me to the fridge& nudge me to what they want & if I won’t let them have it they make noises until I’m in the right spot!the oldest one taught the younger one to lay below the stove&counter then throw their bodies into them trying to make the food fall off.dogs are very smart and can improvise! I don’t put food in any low cabinets! I learned! Go ahead chain the freezer- he will raid the pantry! You should share more! Poor big baby!

  10. Tina

    Us too!

    Our Lab got into the fridge too and just when we thought we had it secured, he got in the deep freeze and got a TURKEY!

  11. Laura

    My dog breaks into the fridge and freezer too! He even figured out the child lock we placed on the fridge. We are pretty sure he is making himself quesadillas during the day since he preferentially selects tortillas, butter, and cheese…


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