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  1. eldochamp

    I have a 3-legged black and tan coonhound that my vet asked me to take. She had gotten loose and probably hit by a car. Her owners didn’t want her because they thought she wouldn’t hunt with just 3 legs. She does love to hunt. She can climb ordinary fences and head to the woods. She hunts until she can hardly walk. My “improved” 7-ft fences seem to be keeping her in. She hunts pocket gophers now. Hounds need to hunt or they get in trouble.

  2. Nay

    Edited to add … Most dogs! My hound dog thief occasionally shows me otherwise.

  3. Denise

    I agree!! As commented below-there was another similar comment that seems to b gone now…

  4. Brenda

    Coco and my Harry were born under the same sign. I have not lost my Macbook Pro but Harry chewed my bank debit card. Evidence — a whisker caught in a crack of the plastic. After he chewed an entire summer wardrobe of shoes, I bought a hanging shoe bag. He chewed so many remote controls that I finally ordered replacements in multiples and stored them in a metal box. When he attempted to chew furniture legs, I introduced him to bitter apple. His favorite chew toy was the eyeglasses I would leave on my nightstand. I’m pleased to say my training by Harry is progressing after two years. As Coco’s owner does, I far prefer Harry to those material objects and consider the two of us lucky to love one another.

  5. Pat Schneider

    I think I have one of your relatives. Mine jumped on my laptop broke the keys and ate 2 of them. She ate the beaded fringe from my sofa pillow, eats paper like a goat, chewed 3 pairs of slippers, chewed the wire to my lighted accent tree in half. Thankfully, it was on a remote plug and not in a live socket or we would have a fried puppy. So many more things that I am too tired to list. As you said, good thing I love her..

  6. dcbasebal1

    Oh Coco… You have a cousin who lives here… He prefers Stuart Weitzman to Reeboks and Tory Burch to New Balance… but he’s a lover… And who can’t forgive a hound face?

  7. Nanina and Poppy

    I had a dog as destructive as you once. He was the love of my life and no regrets. I’d give up a thousand dollars worth of shoes to have him back on earth.

  8. colleen

    my dog was first like that she got much better then she passed away
    R.I.P Coco Stella


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