10 Responses to “Cry Baby”

  1. Tambra Galid

    I had a wire fox terrier that I would have to chase around the yard with TP to clean his butt or he would gnaw himself raw. Dogs.

  2. Napole

    Good doggie! I wish our dogs would cry so we would be able to clean them up instead of chasing them down.

  3. Karen Shore Post McCreary

    Used to have a part Persian kitty, when her’s got stuck she’d use the carpet to try to dislodge it. I’d come home to a trail. No fun. And then I’d have to tackle the cat and try to clean off what was left. She was never very appreciative either.

  4. Valerie

    This is one of the BEST ”dogshamings’ I have come across!! Tooooooo good!


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