12 Responses to “Diplomatic Immunity”

  1. Andrea

    Oh, no! If the damage is not too bad, it might be OK. I’d like to see the explanation for that one. Dear Government Officials, my dog ate my passport. Please excuse me. He’s too cute to get mad at!

  2. DogMom

    Aw, are those tears?? It’s okay, baby. It’s only a little bit in the corner. Daddy can still use it. Don’t be sad.

  3. Ckn's mom

    I feel your pain. My crazy boy took my passport into his crate for a little snack less than 24 hours before I flew out of the country. Luckily, immigration on both sides just laughed at me. It’s frayed and horrible, but the vital information and picture were spared. #luckyilovehim

  4. Pups

    Bring this photo along, I’m sure any customs officers will get a chuckle out of it!

    • Lisa

      looks like a baby cavalier! (king charles cavalier spaniel) a friend has one, the CUTEST little lovebugs

  5. Stab

    I have a dip passport and my pup has eaten it more than once. Fortunately, the nice Passport Office folks can produce a new one in 48 hrs!


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