12 Responses to “Doll Chewer”

  1. Dawn S

    Okay, Cody’s sister must really love the doll and Cody must really love his sister. They typically like to chew what is heavily scented of their favorite humans. On the other hand (pun intended) I’m kind of with Leanna on this one…. Cody doesn’t look shamed, exactly…

  2. Grumpy

    Good job Cody! That’s one creepy looking doll! He was trying to save the humans!

  3. george

    Yeah, gotta go with the dog on this one. I think, *I* would have gouged it’s eyes out also.

  4. Lainey Roberts

    weeelllll poor cody, trying to save the baby from nightmares! AND WHAT DOES HE GET? PUBLIC RIDICULE!!
    u go cody! me and Hannah (Besenji/Pitbull) are on ur side!


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