8 Responses to “Don’t look at me. It was the puppy!”

  1. leanna

    oh my …. but just look at those faces !!!! he really ate a sweater ?????

  2. Shawn

    Of course it was! Mature dogs NEVER do any of those things! My 9 year old lab mix doesn’t chew paper EVER….not sure who actually does since he’s the youngest but definitely NOT him!

  3. Nay

    It’s really hard looking at both of those faces to tell the culprit. I’d blame a third party!

  4. Ronnie

    Youth is wasted on the young! That naughty puppy…doing all those bad things and getting his older brother in trouble!!! 🙂

  5. Pittie Mom

    Good looking pups. No way Echo or Tiger could have been involved with all that mischief. I agree, must have been a third party that just happened to look just like them.

  6. Tommy

    they are vizsla’s

    if the owners read this, what breeder did you get echo from?


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