8 Responses to “Double the ‘tear’ors.”

  1. Carol

    But there’s snow on the deck and they look really chilly! Awww, poor sweeties. lol (I live in a very snowy area too.) I bet they have been forgiven already!

    • Lisa

      The white one, in particular, likes to get some fresh air before breakfast, in winter or summer. They only were out there for 5 minutes. They want in so they can be with their mom. 🙂

  2. GrannyHopeLV

    Can’t say I blame them. If someone put me out on the deck in the snow, I’d tear the screen too.

  3. bobbie Grumbling

    You are all so funny! My little Gigi loved the snow and she was just about their size! She would grab mouthfuls and flip her head so it would fall on her face. I would have to grab her and bring her in she just never wanted to quit playing in it! They are cuties….2 means twice the fun i bet~

  4. Andrea

    such cute doggies! This is either an old photo or someone still has snow in June! It’s about 99 degrees here. I could go for some snow!!

  5. skippy

    I am not sure if the pet screen I have is the same as the one someone already mentioned. Mine is about 3 foot tall, and covers the width of the screen. It is made of a metal with holes in it, and attaches with 4 small screens. My dog has not ruined the screen since, and actually learned to use it to open the door to let himself in, I need to teach him to close it


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