10 Responses to “Err Umm the cat did it?”

  1. Molly and Gabys mom!

    That is the cutest face ever. Hope you are doing ok from the car accident too.

  2. Jakey's mum

    My basset used to do the same thing — but shred it into micron-sized pieces!!

  3. shanlin1973

    I can totally relate. My boxer tore the garbage I’d accidentally forgot to take downstairs with me when I left to go have a spinal tap. I came home in horrid pain and had to clean up the entire apartment!

  4. Grumpy

    You still have a few usable rolls….the poor baby sensed you were in trouble so she HAD to do something to ease her mind. She took out her frustration for not being able to save you from a car accident on the TP.


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