8 Responses to “Furry little monster”

  1. JULIA

    thats like every time my husband cleans up the poop in the back yard our dog max has to go drop a load.he can’t stand a poop free back yard lol

  2. DogMom

    Yes, he may be a “furry little monster”, but he sure is gorgeous!!!

  3. Jennifer H

    Get Pledge Pet Hair Remover! It works! We have an Aussie and a beagle so we always have hair. U would t believe how well it picks up hair!

  4. Sandra Thomas

    I’m Oliver’s Great Aunt and he is the best little boy anyone could wish for!!!

  5. Susanne

    May I ask what kind of dog is Oliver and how old. My pup is 5 months and looks exactly like him but we don’t his breed because we got him from a shelter 🙂

    • Holly McBurney

      Oliver is TerriPoo. Not quite sure what terrier, but I say Jack Russell and poodle. His littlermates were a lot curlier than he is. I hear sheltie and ducktoller a lot. When you see him play I see Jack russell and poodle tho. I heard you can get these DNA testing kits online and send them away to find out your dogs breed. I haven’t looked into, but perhaps you can find it online.


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