6 Responses to “Hearing Aid Chompers”

  1. Ingrid

    My dog did that on two separate occasions when he was young. Up to the end of his days, my parents would nervously suggest to make sure to sleep with hearing aids stored up high.

  2. Sandie

    O boy u bad girls but they look awful sorry an how can u stay mad , just look at those faces!

  3. Kristi

    The little one on top looks like the ring leader- kinda proud! The little weenie on the bottom looks a bit ashamed! My doxie girls will still steal anything like that! We don’t have hearing aides around but custom mouth guards, arthritic sleeping wrist sleeves,bandages,etc….(mine are now 10&17 too so have fun!)

  4. Sarah Munn

    My little cairn did the same last week. Luckily did not ingest the battery.

  5. Sara

    I work for MD Hearing Aid and if your grandfather wants to share his hearing test and story, I will try to hook him up.


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