15 Responses to “I already told him, this is my bed!”

  1. Junos Mom

    oops. I know I shouldn’t laugh at that but a Mama’s Boy is a Mama’s Boy!

  2. Giuliana Torelli

    I have a Harlequin and he never gets in trouble, never breaks things with his wiggly tail, EVER…..except…… he had a fetish with beds when he was younger and has destroyed and eaten over 15 of them. I would open the garage door and it looked like Christmas in July……..allll over the floor.

  3. Mo

    Oh my goodness I want to kiss that snout! What a handsome dude you have there! 🙂

  4. strayswelcome

    He is a beautiful dog! He knows he’s alpha over daddy! If you don’t like the behavior, don’t allow him on the bed. 🙂 Love that face!

  5. Nay

    Bruno, you’re a big sook. Maybe you need a canine playmate so Daddy can have his playmate back.

  6. Ferne Harasimiw

    Well he already told you whose bed it is. Lol Whose pic should be in the ashamed of yourself section? Lol.

  7. Rita Cagle Broderick

    OMG! That face! How can you argue with that face? I’ve never had the pleasure of owning a Great Dane, but if I could, I’d want one just like him. Time for tougher pillows!


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