18 Responses to “I don’t listen”

  1. Karen

    OMG My dog does the same thing, and he is a puggle (Beagle-Pug mix)…I wonder if it’s a pug thing? lol

    • Bambi

      I think it’s a pug thing!!! My pug does it too!! The deaf trick is hilarious…

  2. Jakey's mum

    My basset does the same thing… he knows he’s not allowed on the sofa. If I’m upstairs and he is downstairs (sofa is located downstairs) and I walk down my stairs, what I hear is thump-click-click-click, aka the sound of a basset hound jumping off the sofa running across the room and pretending to be a good boy, asleep on his dog bed.

    But if I go put my hand on my lovely, expensive, relatively new brown leather sofa, there is a warm, hairy indentation on it, the exact circumference of a curled-up, sleeping basset hound.

  3. Ninja

    Too funny! ( : My dog is the reverse. Listens to everything I say, my fiance…nada (drives him crazy). Acts deaf, dumb and blind!

  4. leanna

    this made my day ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for the great posts! I have 3 weiner dogs that don’t listen. They don’t act blind, deaf or anything…they just don’t listen. lol

  5. Jeff Treptow

    My lab wasn’t allowed in the couch but would be on it when you passed by to go into another room and appeared to be sound asleep next to the couch 10 seconds later when you walked by again.

  6. Susie Q

    My Shih Tzu, Boots, loves to sit on the top of the couch also. I’ve stopped telling him to get down, he just ignores me. lol

    • Caramelia

      Sadly, that trick doesn’t work with our dog. If she doesn’t hear the car coming, she ignores the door.

  7. Shannon D.

    My Lab owns the couch now. It’s a nasty broken down mess. No one wants to sit on it but the dog. We cannot have nice things :o(


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